Antler Candle Holders

There are a wide assortment of antler candle holders as far as design goes. You can have single candle holders, multiple candle holders, extravagant candelabras, holders for skinny candles and for fat candles. Below are a variety of items made of either real antlers or faux, depending on your preference. With other antler art, real vs faux tends to matter more as far as price goes, but with candle holders sometimes there is very little difference in price for real vs faux. Usually the antlers in the faux candle holders are made from cast resin and real antler candle holders are typically made from shed antlers.

An Antler Table Centerpiece to Accompany Your Antler Candle Holders

In the video below, Danielle shows how to get creative by using antlers for a holiday table centerpiece.

Antler Furniture