Antler Ceiling Fans

There are lots of different designs of antler ceiling fans to fit with your decor and purpose in your home. You can buy ceiling fans where the antlers are the primary focal point, like in the video below where everything about the fan screams antlers. I can't tell from the video if that ceiling fan does or not, but I have seen fans that also have antlers for the chain pulls as well. Or there are fans where the antler design is more subtle. Like with any antler furniture and accessories, you can purchase antler ceilings fans made from real antler sheds or made from cast resin faux antlers. Just make sure you read the description so you know what you are getting. Also make sure you make not of the size of the ceiling fan, for example, 26", 52", etc.. Also note that some pieces are just light kits to add to an existing ceiling fan.

Antler Ceiling Fan - Even the Blades are Antlers!

This is one of the coolest antler ceiling fans we have seen. What a neat office space as well. Besides the antler mounts on the wall, I can also see he has a chair made out of antlers and I bet there are other antler furniture pieces as well.

Personally, if I am going to get a piece of antler furniture, I want it to look like someone took some time to skillfully craft the pieces together. I have seen some antler ceiling fans where all it looks like is someone took a regular ceiling fan and slapped a couple of antlers willy nilly on it with some super glue. I much prefer the ones where the antlers are incorporated into the design, like the one shown in the video. It doesn't have to go to that extreme to look nice, though. I think the ceiling fans where someone has used the antlers to set the lights in are very nice looking and unique too.
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