Antler Dog Chews

We created a page just for antler dog chews because so many of you have emailed us asking how to get cheap antler pieces for your dog to chew as opposed to buying expensive trophy antlers. And some of you have also asked, "Should I give antlers to my dog to chew?" You know if your dog finds an antler in the woods he may chew on it, with or without your permission. Dogs and wolves have probably been chewing on antlers as long as there have been dogs, wolves and antlers. They chew on other things too that we wish they wouldn't. There are ads out there specifically advertising antlers as chew-toys for dogs. Antlers are very hard, so they are supposed to last a long time. They are made primarily of calcium and phosphorus, so they are a good source of these and other minerals/element. Rodents sure seem to have chewed every old antler I ever found. Read on below the antler chews listings for precautions to take when giving your dog antlers.

Alaskan Klee Kai Enjoying Antler Chews

Precautions When Giving Dog Antler Chews

Fresh antlers aren't supposed to splinter, so should be safe for dogs, but I would still be very careful about giving an antler to an unsupervised dog. Some dogs will casually gnaw on them, but others may take it as a challenge to break it in half as quick as possible.

Since the antlers are so hard, and the dog may break his teeth, and there is always a chance of choking when chewing on anything small enough to swallow. I would take the antler away from a dog that was trying to break it. Let him chew on something else.

I have seen it written that antlers are clean and don't smell. I can't vouch for either since I have never sent an antler to be cultured. Probably cleaner than the horse-hooves that my dogs always like to chew. But if antlers didn't smell, how do dogs that are trained to find them ever find them. Maybe they don't smell too bad to us. They must smell like something to a dog.