Antler Frames

You have decorated your log cabin with all the big pieces of antler furniture, now you need some smaller accent pieces to continue the theme like some unique antler frames. You can find as many designs for antler frames as there are antlers in the world. The manufactured or faux antler frames can be made with a little more preciseness since they are not restricted by what mother nature has provided, so you may be able to fine a more refined frame with faux poly resin material. On the other hand, real antlers when expertly crafted can look just as good, especially those that have used the natural shape of the antlers to design the frame's size, shape and features.

Below you will find frames of all sorts from Amazon and eBay listings. big and small. The item's description should tell you if they are made from real antlers or fake. If not, and it is important to you, be sure to ask the seller.

A look at how Antlers are used to make other Items like knives, pens and letter openers:

Antler Furniture