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Antler knives are true works of art, skillfully handcrafted where every knife, if made from real antlers, is unique and cannot be found anywhere else. Of course those knives that are manufactured from fake antler material, like resin, will still look nice but many copies can be made and for cheaper. Most antler knives are made from deer or elk antlers, but can also be made from caribou, moose or other animal antlers.
The Silver Stag manufacturing company, as seen in the video below, creates one of a kind, high quality, handmade American antler hunting and fishing knives. They are a nationally recognized high quality brand, distributed by the most reputable sporting good, cutlery and gift stores in North America. Check out the process of making an antler knife by viewing the video. Immediately below are antler knives for sale, both made from real and faux deer antlers from low to high priced. If you want a high quality, usable knife made from real antlers you will naturally have to pay more than one that is faux or made only for display.

Handcrafted Antler Knives by Silver Stag

Silver Stag uses sheets of extremely high quality steel are purchased directly from American steel mills. The blades are profiles on a CNC water-jet cutting machine. The blade profiles are then hand ground, tumbled, polished and heat treated. After the blades have been finished and inspected, they are now ready to be turned into a knife.
The company uses thousands of pounds of antler sheds from whitetail deer , mule deer and elk antlers in the production process. The antler is trimmed and sorted based on size, diameter and weight then matched to a specific blade design. The trimmed antler is then drilled out and the blade tang is secured and affixed to the antler using a proprietary process that permanently bonds the antler guard and blade.
The antler is then sanded and shaped for a comfortable feel and balance. The antler knife or sword is then polished, cleaned, sharpened and packed for shipment. Silver Stag is the only company in the world manufacturing an exclusive line of  American antler knives offered in 1095 high carbon tool steel, 440 and 420 stainless steels, authentic high-forged, high-carbon Damascus steel and a brand new line of D2 steel knives.
Every knife includes a high quality, chrome-tanned leather sheath and is backed by the company's limited lifetime warranty. Silver Stage will also personalize your antler knife with engravings and will also make you a knife from your own antler.
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