Antler Mounting Kit Supplies, How To Video

Below you will find antler mounting kit supplies. For step by step instructions on how to mount antlers, watch the video below. You can pick up a deer antler mounting kit that won't be much more than $15-$30. Step-by-step instructions are included and usually are pretty thorough. Most kits include the plaque, a mounting form, paper machete to fill in gaps on the mount, felt and braided rope. The entire deer antler mounting process will take approximately 3-4 hours (includes drying time of paper machete of 2 hours), to prepare the skull and antlers and mount it to the plaque.

Deer Antler Mounting Video - Do It Yourself!

Summary of deer antler mounting video:
First you'll drill holes into the antlers so that you can attach it to the foam form. You'll line up the center of the skull plate with the center of the form, making sure it's flush so that there isn't a ridge between the skull plate and the form. To stabilize the skull once its attached, you'll put some modeling clay behind the skull and in between the form. You'll want the rack facing out as much as you can to give it more emphasis. Next you'll mix up some paper machete to fill in all the gaps between the skull and mount. You can smooth it all out using a popsicle stick. You'll then need to let it dry for a couple of hours before moving on to the next step.

Once dry, you can then lay the felt over the top of the skull plate, making sure its centered. Staple down one end to keep it in place, then the other opposite end, making a snug but not too tight fit. With scissors, cut notches in the felt in line with the horns, all the way to the base. Then wrap the remaining felt to the bottom of the mount and staple. Repeat with other side. Using a hot glue gun, attach the braided rope, starting at the rear of the horn so that the rope overlap won't show from the front view of the mount. Make a beaded line of glue around the base of the horns, attaching the rope as you go. Cut off excess rope, apply another drop of glue to attach end piece. Then all you have to do is attach the mount to the plaque and your done!

Some other deer antler mounting tips:
Before actually mounting the skull and antlers, you may want to let it dry out for a couple of weeks because if doing say a shoulder mount, the hide may pull away or if adding hair/felt to the antlers, the same may occur.

Make sure you clean all the flesh and any other tissue off the bone, otherwise it may start to rot and stink. No one in the family will appreciate that! You can submerge the skull in a salted pot of boiling water and let it simmer for about twenty minutes. Then remove the skull from the water and use a wire brush or something similar to scrape off any remaining tissue.

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