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You'll find various moose antlers for sale below.You will find various moose antlers for sale below. Click on the links listed below the products and view more antlers link below listings to see more moose antlers available for purchase. Moose (known as Elk in Europe) (Alces alces) are the largest members of the Deer family (Cervidae). For the largest subspecies (Alaskan/Yukon), a bull moose can weigh up to 1,580 pounds and stand seven feet tall at the shoulder. Bull moose antlers can get up to five feet wide and are have wide flattened palmations, typically in the North American subspecies, (A.a. americanus).

There were at least 8 subspecies of moose world-wide until the 1800s, at least 7 subspecies remain today; 3 or 4 subspecies in Europe and Asian (depending upon the source) and 4 subspecies in North America.

European and Asian Subspecies of European Elk (aka European Moose)

  • Caucasian Moose (A.a. caucasicus) - Extinct - Formerly of southeast Europe and the Caucasus of Russia.
  • East Siberian Moose (A.a. buturlini) -Eastern Siberia.
  • West Siberian Moose (A.a. pfizenmayen) - Western Siberia (Some sources recognize only one Siberian subspecies (A.a. pfizenmayen).
  • European Moose (A.a. alces) - Scandinavia (Finland, Norway & Sweden), Western Russia, Ukraine (Extirpated from France and Germany).
  • Manchurian Moose (A.a. cameloides) - Northeastern Mongolia, southeastern Siberia, northern China. Also a small subspecies.

North American Subspecies of Moose

  • Eastern or Canadian Moose (A.a. americana) - Eastern Canada and northeastern U.S.
  • Western Moose (A.a. andersoni) - Western Canada, Michigan, Wisconsin and North Dakota.
  • Alaskan or Yukon Moose (A.a. gigas) - Alaska and Canadian Yukon. Largest body and antlers.
  • Shiras Moose (A.a. shirasi) - Intermountain Western U.S. (Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Utah & Wyoming), Oregon and Washington. Small body size and antlers.

Antler size of the various North American subspecies varies so much, that separate records are kept for each subspecies. The Boone Crockett record for the Alaskan/Yukon Moose antlers is a score of 261 5/8 from Alaska in 1994, the Canada Moose record is 242 from British Comumbia in 1980 and the Shiras Moose record is 205 1/2 from Wyoming in 1952. The Pope and young record Alaskan/Yukon Moose antlers is a score of 248 from Alaska in 1973, the Canada Moose record is 222 1/8 from Quebec in 1988 and the Shiras Moose record is 185 3/4 from Wyoming in 1987.

The North American Shed Hunters World Record for a matched pair of typical Alaskan/Yukon Moose antlers is 154 found in 2007 in the Yukon, the World Record for a single typical Alaskan/Yukon Moose shed is 84 3/8 from Alaska in 2006. The record for a matched pair of typical Canada Moose antlers is 163 1/2 found in 2004 in the Minnesota and the World Record for a single typical Canada Moose shed is 90 1/2 from Nova Scotia in 2002. The record for a matched pair of typical Shiras Moose antlers is 132 1/4 found in Montana (year unknown). The World Record for a single typical Shiras Moose shed is 71 5/8 from Montana in 2007.

Too see more World Records for Moose antlers as well as other species, click on the link below. Notice how many of these records for shed antlers that have never been submitted. You may have a record shed laying around and don't even know. Go check it out.


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