Antler Scoring for Boone and Crockett, Pope and Young, Safari Club International and North American Shed Antlers Club

Antler scoring - how is it done? My antlers are bigger than your antlers. Well, they might be heavier, but my antlers are longer...Maybe, but my antlers have more points!So how can we tell which antlers are "bigger"?How does our trophy antlers, or the shed antlers we found, stack up against the "World Record" antlers for that species, whether it be deer, elk or moose?

The Boone and Crockett Club (first published record book in 1895) and the Pope and Young Club (Since 1961) are the two main wildlife conservation clubs that keep records for the antler size of various North American species. Safari Club International (SCI) since 1979 keeps records of antlers, horns and body size for species worldwide.

The Boone and Crockett scoring keeps separate records for both typical and non-typical antlers taken with firearms and the Pope and Young Club keeps similar antler records for animals taken with bow and arrow.

Safari Club International keeps different records for different weapons and for different areas of North America. For example, it is a well known fact that White-tailed Deer antlers are larger in Northern areas compared to Southern areas, so SCI has separate categories for various regions including Northeast, Northwest, Midwest, Southeast, Texas and Mexico.

There is also the North American Shed Hunters Club (founded 1991) that keeps records for shed antlers and horns that are found by shed hunters.

The scoring sheet of antlers is a fairly complicated system that considers the total length of the main beams and point of each antler, the total number of points, the maximum spread of the antlers, the minimum distance between antlers, the length of all abnormal points and the minimum circumference at the base of each antler and the main forks.

Each club has trained official scorers to score the antlers of the various species and their particular antler score sheet or chart.

The antler scoring system is the same for the Boone and Crocket and the Pope and Young clubs, but SCI scores antlers slightly different, with no penalty for asymmetry of the antlers. For example, the recent new record non-typical elk "Spider Bull" from Utah in 2008 scored 478 5/8 B&C, but was scored 508 1/8 for SCI.

Sometimes people refer to antler length by total inches. This is simply the total length of all main branches, forks and points added together.

Scores of shed antlers (single or matched sheds) obviously can not account for the minimum and maximum spread of one antler to another since they are not connected to the skull plate.

We researched records of antlers for each club for the following species (typical and non-typical), shown in tables below:

White-tailed Deer or Whitetail Deer (Odocoileus virginianus)
Mule Deer and Desert Mule Deer) (Odocoileus hemionus)
American Elk or Rocky Mountain Elk (Cervus canadensis)
Roosevelt's Elk (Cervus canadensis roosevelti)
Tule Elk (Cervus canadensis nannodes)
Moose (Alces alces)
Alaska-Yukon Moose (Alces alces gigas)
Canada Moose (Alces alces americana)
Shiras' (or Wyoming) Moose (Alces alces shirasi)

Boone and Crockett World Record Antlers

SpeciesScientific NameScoreYearState/ ProvinceMin Score for Recognition
Whitetail Deer (Typical)Odocoileus virginianus213 5/81993Saskatchewan160
Whitetail Deer (Non-typical)Odocoileus virginianus333 7/81981Missouri185
Mule Deer (Typical)Odocoileus hemionus226 1/21972Colorado180
Mule Deer (Non-typical)Odocoileus hemionus355 1/41926Alberta215
Elk (American) (Typical)Cervus canadensis nelsoni442 5/81968Arizona360
Elk (American) (Non-typical)Cervus canadensis nelsoni478 5/82008Utah385
Roosevelt's ElkCervus canadensis roosevelti404 3/42002Oregon275
Tule ElkCervus canadensis nannodes379 2005California270
Alaska-Yukon MooseAlces alces gigas261 5/81994Alaska210
Canada MooseAlces alces americana242 1980British Columbia185
Shiras' (Wyoming) MooseAlces alces shirasi205 1/21952Wyoming140
The Boone and Crockett Club

Pope and Young World Record Antlers

SpeciesScientific NameScoreYearState/ ProvinceMin Score for Recognition
Whitetail Deer (Typical)Odocoileus virginianus204 1/21965Illinois125
Whitetail Deer (Non-typical)
294 2000Ohio155
Mule Deer (Typical)Odocoileus hemionus203 1/81979Colorado145
Mule Deer (Non-typical)
274 7/81987Colorado170
Elk (American) (Typical)Cervus canadensis nelsoni412 1/82005Arizona260
Elk (American) (Non-typical)
442 2003Arizona335
Roosevelt's ElkCervus canadensis roosevelti378 3/41991Oregon225
Tule ElkCervus canadensis nannodes312 5/81990California225
Alaska-Yukon MooseAlces alces gigas248 1973Alaska170
Canada MooseAlces alces americana222 1/81988Quebec135
Shiras' (Wyoming) MooseAlces alces shirasi185 3/41987Wyoming125

Pope and Young Club

Safari Club International World Record Antlers

SpeciesRife ScoreHandgun ScoreMuzzle loader ScoreBow ScoreCross Bow ScoreMin Standard ScoreMin Bow Score
Desert Mule Deer (Typical)222 5/8193 5/8207 1/4219 7/8-151140
Desert Mule Deer (Non-typical)266 1/4228 3/4239 1/4244 1/4-180160
Rocky Mountain Mule Deer (Typical)228 5/8204 1/2203 1/2220 1/2149 3/8155138
Rocky Mountain Mule Deer (Non-typical)317 1/2201 1/4301 7/8259 3/4194 1/2163163
Columbia White-tailed Deer (Typical)142 1/2--87 3/8-7045
Columbia White-tailed Deer (Non-typical)133 3/8--129 7/8-800
Mexican White-tailed Deer (Typical)188 5/8-119 153 -6054
Mexican White-tailed Deer (Non-typical)195 3/4--145 3/4-7065
Mid-Western White-tailed Deer (Typical)208 5/8160 1/4187 1/4222 1/8140 5/8125115
Mid-Western White-tailed Deer (Non-typical)228 249 5/8218 3/8209 7/8-135125
Northeastern White-tailed Deer (Typical)227 1/8198 5/8205 208 7/8206 1/8125112
Northeastern White-tailed Deer (Non-typical)219 1/2-200 1/2311 7/8221 1/2148133
Northwestern White-tailed Deer (Typical)207 1/4148 5/8176 3/8220 3/8146 5/8125101
Northwestern White-tailed Deer (Non-typical)287 1/2-185 1/8215 3/8281 1/2150135
Southeastern White-tailed Deer (Typical)202 3/4172 7/8156 1/2174 7/8127 3/8110100
Southeastern White-tailed Deer (Non-typical)235 1/2140 1/8154 5/8203 7/8-120110
Texas White-tailed Deer (Typical)180 3/4172 1/8159 1/4181 1/2-125112
Texas White-tailed Deer (Non-typical)204 1/4165 0/0-167 1/2-138120
Rocky Mountain Elk (Typical)437 5/8371 1/4413 1/2432 1/4362 7/8264237
Rocky Mountain Elk (Non-typical)508 1/8396 7/8364 5/8464 3/8-281252
Alaska-Yukon Moose731 1/8551 7/8547 5/8587 1/8-310279
Eastern Canada Moose489 1/4-371 5/8432 3/4407 5/8214190
Western Canada Moose557 -516 5/8528 3/4-274246
Shiras' (Wyoming) Moose461 7/8321 359 3/8503 3/4340 1/4210189

Safari Club International

North American Shed Hunters Club World Record Antlers

SpeciesCategoryYearState/ ProvinceScoreMin Score for RecognitionNote
Whitetail DeerMatched-Non-Typical1990Minnesota 310 5/8226 3/8ties 10th place
Whitetail DeerMatched-Typical1959Nebraska195 1/8171 3/8ties 10th place
Whitetail DeerSingle-Non-Typical1999Kansas148 3/4134 1/2ties 10th place
Whitetail DeerSingle-Typical1992Illinois104 3/496 5/8ties 10th place
Mule DeerMatched-Non-Typical2007Arizona 287 1/2209 7/8ties 10th place
Mule DeerMatched-Typical1970?s Wyoming 186 3/8168 1/2ties 10th place
Mule DeerSingle-Non-TypicalunkMontana 140 3/4119 7/8ties 10th place
Mule DeerSingle-Typical1970?s Wyoming 96 1/291 1/4ties 10th place
American ElkMatched-Non-Typical1900?s Colorado425 1/8378 3/8ties 10th place
American ElkMatched-Typical1987Arizona 399 1/4332 3/4ties 9th place
American ElkSingle-Non-Typical2002Kansas?217 7/8203 7/8ties 10th place
American ElkSingle-Typical1998Arizona 205 1/2180 3/4ties 10th place
Roosevelt's ElkMATCHED1990Oregon392any3rd place is open
Roosevelt's ElkSingleunkunk164 1/4any3rd place is open
Tule ElkMatched-Typical1992California 314 1/4any4th place is open
Tule ElkSingle-Non-Typical2004California 123 1/4any2nd place is open
Tule ElkMatched-Typical

anyNo records
Tule ElkSingle-Typical1989California 194 3/4any8th place is open
Alaska-Yukon MooseMatched-Non-Typical2006Alaska 176 1/8any3rd place is open
Alaska-Yukon MooseMatched-Typical2007Yukon154any9th place is open
Alaska-Yukon MooseSingle-Non-Typical2006Alaska 105any4th place is open
Alaska-Yukon MooseSingle-Typical2006Alaska 84 3/872ties 9th place
Canada MooseMatched-Non-Typical2005Minnesota 164 1/2any4th place is open
Canada MooseMatched-Typical2004Minnesota 163 1/2143 1/4ties 10th place
Canada MooseSingle-Non-Typical2003Minnesota 96 7/8any8th place is open
Canada MooseSingle-Typical2002Nova Scotia90 1/282 3/8ties 10th place
Shiras MooseMatched-TypicalunkMontana 132 1/4116ties 10th place
Shiras MooseSingle-Typical2007Montana 71 5/859 7/8ties 10th place

North American Shed Hunters Club

If you are looking for a scoring sheet or chart, follow the links after each table to either Boone and Crockett, Pope and Young, Safari Club International or the North American Shed Hunters Club for more information about entering your own trophies.