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You can browse whitetail deer antlers sheds for sale below. There are additional antlers to view by clicking the view more antlers link below the listings. Usually whitetail deer antlers will be at their prime between the ages of three to five years and there will not be more significant growth of the antlers as the deer continues to age. Antlers can be scored by several methods. The most common method is the Boone and Crockett scoring system and is divided into typical and non-typical categories.

White-tailed Deer (Odocoileus virginianus) are the most widely distributed Deer in North, Central and South America, with at least 38 recognized subspecies. Below are 16 subspecies found in North American:

  • Virginia or Southeastern White-tailed Deer (O.v. virginianus) - Kentucky, West Virginia, Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Mississippi, and Alabama.
  • Northern Woodland or Northeastern White-tailed Deer (O.v. borealis) - Eastern Canada from central Ontario, southern Quebec, New Brunswick, Novia Scotian and Prince Edward Island. In U.S. from southern Illinois to central Minnesota to the East. The boundaries seem to be drawn at the Kentucky and West Virginia borders, but we know the deer don't know anything about borders.
  • Dakota White-tailed Deer (O.v. dacotaensis) - Found in the central Canadian Provinces; Northwest Territories, Central Saskatchewan, Alberta and Manitoba and both North and South Dakota, eastern Montana, central Wyoming, western Minnesota and northern Colorado.
  • North Western White-tailed Deer (O.v. ochrourus) - British Columbia, western Alberta, western Montana, Idaho, western Wyoming, northern Utah, eastern Washington and Oregon.
  • Columbian White-tailed Deer (O.v. leucurus) - south west Washington and western Oregon.
  • Coues Deer (O.v. couesi) - a small subspecies of White-tailed Deer found in Arizona, Texas and Mexico.
  • Texas White-tailed Deer (O.v. texanus) - not only found in Texas, but also found in nearby states such as Oklahoma, New Mexico, Colorado, and as far North as southeastern Wyoming, Kansas and Nebraska.
  • Avery Island White-tailed Deer (O.v. mcilhennyi) - southeastern Texas and southern Louisiana. For those of you that like Tabasco Hot Sauce, you will recognize the company name (Mcilhenny) that makes the hot sauce on Avery Island, Louisiana. Now there is an answer to a trivial question.
  • Kansas White-tailed Deer (O.v. macrourus) - Kansas, eastern Texas, northern Louisiana, Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas and southeastern South Dakota.
  • Florida White-tailed Deer (O.v. seminolus) - From Southern Georgia to the Everglades.
  • Florida Coastal White-tailed Deer (O.v. osceola) - panhandle of Florida and southern Alabama and southern Mississippi.
  • Florida Key Deer (O.v. clavium) - Endangered - Now only on 26 islands, with 2/3 of the population on Big Pine Key (Klimstra et al.1974).
  • Bull's Island (O.v. taurinsulae) - isolated subspecies - limited to Bull's Island S.C. - status - not ranked - not listed as a priority species in the 2004 S.C. State Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Plan
  • Huntington Island (O.v. venatorius) - isolated subspecies - found only on Huntington Island S.C. - status - not ranked.
  • Hilton Head Island (O.v. hiltonensis) - isolated subspecies - limited to Hilton Head Island S.C. - status - not ranked.
  • Blackbeard Island (O.v. nigribarbis) - isolated subspecies - only on Blackbeard and Sapelo Islands of Georgia - status - not ranked as Species of Concern by Georgia Dept. of Natural Resources.

The Boone & Crockett record for typical White-tailed deer antlers is a score of 213 5/8 from Saskatchewan in 1993. The Pope and young record (typical) is 204 1/2 in 1965 from Illinois and the North American Shed Hunters World Record for a matched pair of typical White-tailed deer antlers is 195 1/8 from Nebraska in 1959. The World Record for a single White-tailed deer shed is 96 5/8 in 1992 from Illinois. Too See more World Records for White-tailed deer antlers as well as other species, click on the link below. There are still records for shed antlers that nobody has bothered to submit. So pull those sheds you have stacked up out in the barn and take a look.

World Records for White-tailed Deer Antlers

Whitetails Unlimited -White-tailed Deer Conservation Organization. Check it out, they have some good info on White-tailed Deer distribution and subspecies, Guidelines for enhancing habitat, Forest Management, and other Deer management publications.


The Deer of North America. 1997. Leonard Lee Rue III. Lyons & Burford, publishers. New York, New York. 543pp.

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